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No Impossibility

PC Akubueze

God is the only Person in the whole wide world with whom nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37, 18:27). The word “Impossible” doesn’t exist in God’s vocabulary. Nothing is ever too difficult for God. There’s no problem that God cannot solve. No question that God cannot answer. No pain, situation or difficulty that God cannot understand. No need that God cannot provide. No sickness that God cannot heal. He is the God who makes all things possible. So if nothing is impossible with God, therefore, nothing will be impossible for anyone who is connected to God. And to connect with God is only possible via prayer. Read more

Akubueze Prophetic Salutation

Beloveth in Christ, the year 2017 is a year of multiple breakthroughs. It’s a year of increase; a year in which your spiritual, physical, material and financial territories will be enlarged. All because you are a lover of Christ, the Lord of breakthroughs. As a lover of Jesus Christ, you are not as rich as the economy of your nation, but you are as rich as the Kingdom of God. Let me put it another way. God cannot run out of resources to meet your needs. Because, God does not provide for your needs out of the resources available in your nation, but He provides for you according to His riches in glory via Jesus Christ. He does so according to the abundance in heaven. Am I making sense? Read more

More on Diabetes

All the food you eat is converted into sugar in the blood which gets to the cells providing energy for your day to day affairs. A condition where the sugar from the food eaten couldn't get to the cells is called Diabetes. When this happens, it stays in the blood instead and... Read more

What Is Divine Calling ?

ACP: Good evening everyone! The question still lingers: WHAT IS DIVINE CALLING? Divine calling has been our central point of discussion recently. And surely with the many unanswered and open questions, today I believe, would bring some answers, if not all the answers, that you have been waiting for. Our guest...Read more

More On Cholesterol

Hi Sir, What Actually Is Called Cholesterol ? And why is it unhealthy to the Body?... What the plaque does in your arteries is that it will cause your arteries to narrow and harden. Even large deposits of cholesterol can completely block an artery ..... Continue reading


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